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Other Forms

Other of Company Set-Up

Besides the already discussed types of business organizations, Partnerships and Limited Companies, Thai law provides various other types of business set-ups. While the entities discussed so far are broad in scope and are suitable legal set-ups for the bulk of business activities, the legal entities discussed in this section are much more narrow in scope and designed for specific settings.

For foreign companies unwilling to establish a full local presence in Thailand but still willing to engage in business transactions with third parties, Branch Offices offer the opportunity to engage in Thailand on behalf of the Parent Company. Representative Offices are oversea subsidiaries of a foreign company providing services solely to the to its head office, its affiliated companies or group company in foreign countries. The structure of Regional Operating Headquarters has been designed in order to attract more international businesses to establish their Regional Headquarters in Thailand. The purpose of  Regional Operating Headquarters is to provide managerial, technical, or other support to its associated companies and branches.

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