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Immigration – Overview

Immigration in Thailand

Immigration refers to the legal status of Non-Thai nationals who temporarily or permanently plan to enter or stay in the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand. Immigration Law refers to government policies that govern and control Immigration to Thailand. All matters with regards to Immigration to Thailand are governed by the Immigration Act of 1979 with the amendments of 1980.

In general, all persons entering Thailand are required to obtain a visa. Exemptions exist for persons in transit and for citizens of certain countries. For Non-Thai nationals, holding a visa is a pre-requisite for working or conducting business in Thailand and the validity of a work permit is determined by the validity of the respective visa.

The Immigration Act recognizes the following visa categories:

Tourist: Tourist Visa are the most common form of visa for entering Thailand. Non-Thai nationals planning to enter Thailand for recreational purposes are required to obtain a Tourist Visa.

Visitor Transit: Visitor Transit Visa are visa tailored to Non-Thai nationals transiting Thailand with the purpose of either proceeding to their country of destination and/or re-entering their home country.

Non-Immigrant: Non Immigrant Visa are visa for people who seek a prolonged stay in the Kingdom of Thailand or are coming to Thailand for work and business purposes.

Non-Quota Immigrant: Non-Quota Immigrant Visa are visa for former residents who have lost their residency status but have applied to regain it.

In the following section we will present the subcategories, characteristic and requirements for obtaining Tourist, Visitor Transit, Non-Immigrant and Non-Quota Immigrant visa in more detail.

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