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Visitor Transit Visa

Introduction to Visitor Transit Visa

Visitor Transit Visa are designed for Non-Thai nationals who enter Thailand with the purpose of transiting to another country. The main criteria for the issuance of this visa type is that Thailand is not the final destination of a journey, but a stop on the way from the country of origin to the country of destination or vice verse. Visitor Transit Visa entitle visa holders for a period of stay of up to 30 days. Extensions for this type of visa may be granted for periods of seven to ten days at the discretion of the Immigration Department. Visitor Transit Visa holders are specifically not authorized to conduct business or to work in Thailand.

Besides allowing visa holders to transit to a third country (category TS), immigration regulations envisage to additional subtypes of Visitor Transit Visa:

  • Category S: this visa category is designed for Non-Thai nationals who wish to participate in recognized sport events (“Sportsmen Visa”)
  • Category C: Non-Thai Nationals who are in charge or part of a crew of a vessel heading to a port, station or area within the Kingdom of Thailand (“Crew Visa”)

Obtaining a Visitor Transit Visa

  1. Requirements
    • Applicants wish to enter Thailand for the following purposes
      • Type TS: transitting the Kingdom of Thailand in order to proceed to the country of destination or origin
      • Type S: participating in a recognized sport event
      • Type C: being in charge or being member of the crew of a vessel heading to a port, station or area in Thailand
  2. Necessary Documents
    • Passport, valid at least 6 months
    • Visa application form
    • Passport sized (4 x 6 cm) photo of the applicant
    • Air ticket fully paid and confirmed, if applicable
    • Proof of financial means (20,000 Thai Bath per person and 40,000 Thai Bath per family)
    • Visa of a third country (if needed), for type TS
    • Letter of invitation for the recognized sports event for type S
    • Proof of crew membership and journey for type C
    • Other documents if the consular officers deem it necessary
  3. Fees
    • Equivalent of 20 US Dollar per entry (might be changed without prior notice)
  4. Validity,  Period of Stay, Extension
    • Visitor Transit Visa are valid for three months (i.e. entry must occur within 90 days after issuance)
    • Visitor Transit Visa entitle holders for a period of stay of up to 30 days
    • This visa type might be extended up to seven to ten days, the extension is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Department
  5. Notes
    • If sports men are scheduled to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for longer than one month, they must apply for a Non-Immigration Visa category “O” instead of the Visitor Transit Visa

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