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Industries that are promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI)

Industries promoted by BOI

The board of investment (BOI) may decide on its own criteria and judgments which industries are worth promoting and formulate the privileges to be given to such desirable investments.

The industries that are promoted by the board of investment (BOI) are (currently) chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The industry is critical and beneficial to the economy, society and security of the Kingdom of Thailand
  • The industry manufactures export products that can bring foreign currencies to the Kingdom of Thailand
  • The industry employs labor at a high rate
  • The industry utilizes agricultural products or natural resources as raw material

Here can be found the list of industries that are currently promoted by the BOI and which incentives are given to each industry.

New promotion scheme of the BOI:

However, the Board of investment (BOI) is reviewing these criteria and wants to shift away from broad-based investment promotions towards focused & prioritized investment promotions.

The following industrial areas shall be promoted under the new promotion scheme (April 2013):

Area: Improve the industrial foundation in Thailand:

  1. Basic infrastructure and logistics (e.g. industrial zone, power generation from natural gas, tap water or water resources for industrial purpose, transportation and mass transit, commercial airport and logistics center).
  2. Basic industry (e.g. steel, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, machinery)
  3. Medical device and scientific equipment (e.g. medical device, medicine, medical food, scientific equipment)
  4. Alternative energy and environmental services (e.g. power generation from renewable energy, recycling, wastewater treatment and industrial waste disposal service, Energy Services Company: ESCO)
  5. Services that support the industrial sector (e.g. R&D, HRD, engineering design, software, calibration services, ROH, trade and investment support offices
  6. Advanced core technologies (e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced material technology)

Area: Industries that are developed from domestic resources and Thainess:

  • Food and agricultural processing industry (e.g. processed food, food additive, herbal extract, plant propagation and development, product from natural rubber, bio-fuel e.g. ethanol, bio-diesel)
  • Hospitality & Wellness (e.g. tourism and sports promotion activities, Thai motion picture production and related supporting services, dedicated health center, retirement home and care center)

Area: Industries in which Thailand is strong enough to serve as a global manufacturing base:

  • Automotive and other transport equipment (e.g. cars, motorcycle, train, electric train, aircraft, shipbuilding and maintenance)
  • Electric and electrical appliances (e.g. electronic design, organics & printed electronics, HDD & SSD and parts, solar cells, white goods)

These industries are still being review by the Board of investment (BOI) committee. Whereas the original plan foresaw a change of the promoted industries by March 2013, the current timeline is not disclosed. It may well be that the promoted industries change mid of 2013 or it may also be that the change will take place more towards the end of 2013.

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