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ビジネスセットアップアップ – 概要



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 A Juristic Person comes into existence by attaining the explicit endorsement of the legislature (e.g. registration process of a Limited Company). Non-Juristic Persons refers to a person that is not created but is born (e.g. natural persons). The main differences between Juristic and Non-Juristic Persons stem from differences in terms of liability, taxation, registration duties etc.

Forms of Legal Entities

The following graph gives a brief overview of the main differences among the legal entities displayed above:

business in thailand

In the next sections, the characteristics and specifica of Partnerships, Company Limited and Other Forms of Corporate Presence will be described in more detail. We will start with Partnerships, where we highlight the difference between Ordinary and Limited Liability Partnerships, we will move on to Limited Companies, where we distinguish between Private and Public Limited Companies, briefly show Special Forms of shareholding structures,  and conclude by characterizing Other Forms of legal entities.

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