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Restricted Professions

Restricted Professions

In order to protect the Thai workforce from Non-Thai competition, several jobs are prohibited to Non-Thai nationals. The list of professions restricted to foreigners is governed by a Royal Decree and might be edited without prior notice. The following professions are prohibited to foreign nationals:

  1. All kinds of labor work, except crewmenship in the fishery industry
  2. Cultivation, animal breeding, forestry and fishery works, except labor work in maritime fishery and work requiring specific skills
  3. Masonry, carpentry and all other construction works
  4. Wood carving
  5. Piloting vehicles, both motorized and non-motorized, except piloting international aircraft
  6. Shop clerking
  7. Auctioneering
  8. Accounting services, except international auditing
  9. Gem cutting and polishing
  10. Hair cutting, hair dressing and cosmetician works
  11. Manual weaving
  12. Mat weaving and manufacturing products from reed, rattan, kenaf, straw or bamboo
  13. Manual manufacturing of paper
  14. Manufacturing of lacquerware
  15. Production of traditional Thai musical instruments
  16. Manufacturing of nielloware
  17. Goldsmith arts, silversmith arts and other precious metal works
  18. Manufacturing of bronzeware
  19. Manufacturing of traditional Thai dolls
  20. Manufacturing of mattresses and padded blankets
  21. Manufacturing of bowls
  22. Manual manufacturing of silk products
  23. Manufacturing of Buddha statues
  24. Manufacturing of knives
  25. Manufacturing of umbrellas
  26. Manufacturing of shoes
  27. Manufacturing of hats
  28. Brokerage and agency works, except in international businesses
  29. Engineering and civil engineering, except works requiring specialized skills
  30. Architectural works
  31. Manufacturing of dresses
  32. Manufacturing of pottery and ceramics
  33. Manual cigarette rolling
  34. Tourist guiding and tour organizing
  35. Hawking business
  36. Type setting for Thai characters
  37. Manual silk reeling and weaving
  38. Clerical and secretarial work
  39. Legal and litigation services, except arbitration and legal cases where foreign law is applicable

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